Have Fun Using Clothing Design Websites and Give Your Merchandise a Personal Flair

Fashion today is extremely hard to define. What one might consider fashion, another will not touch with a six-foot pole. The same way beauty is in the eyes of the beholder so too is fashion on this day.

In yester years fashion was defined by patterns, large collars, bell bottoms, skinny jeans, colors and materials that would define a generation or a decade. Today, fashion trends sweep for a week, months and sometimes a year and just as suddenly being replaced as quickly as they emerged.

It is true that fashion borrows heavily from history. Trends from decades ago infused with modern materials, and new looks are a common sight on the fashion runways today. These trends not only celebrate the gone eras, but they also showcase the discoveries and technology of today.

It, therefore, comes as no surprise when we see a collision of the old and the new morphing into something that could not have been predicted or imagined decades ago. This has opened a whole new world of possibilities making fashion “undefined.”

1. Design Websites

Anyone can now start their own clothing line by simply getting on a proficient website and designing new creations that have their personal touch, feel and creativity. Here are some cloth design websites that will leave you marveling at your own creations which you can wear and even sell. If you don’t have a website yet, you can sell your clothes online with companies such as Shopify!


Visit this site to start designing your clothes. The site allows you to choose multiple designs and even has a section that lets you attach comments to T-shirts and other clothing items. You can design clothing both for men and women as well as children and babies.

Once you have finished your design, it will display the cost of the clothing item, and you can make a purchase. The design process is simplified, so you don’t need any special designing skill except your creativity.

2. Cafepress.com

This site is popular all over the world and for a good reason. With cafepress.com you can not only design your own clothing products on the site, but it takes it a notch higher by providing a feature that allows you to upload a photo of your desired design. You will find plenty of design options for your use on this site, and you can shop for own designed clothes once finished.
Starting a clothing line or your own brand has never been easier.


What makes this site a favorite for many designers is the fact that you can design clothes for pets, men, women, kids, and babies. It is well equipped with multiple pages of design pictures for your choosing.

You can design your own clothes through the customized feature that has two options: flash and HTML. Choose both to experiment and see which results you like best. You can purchase your clothes once designed.

3. Appliq.com

On this site, you can design pants, t-shirts, sweaters, and jackets and so much more. It is also popular for its 4 step easy to use design feature which shows you the base, cloth, color, and patches. Once you have finished the design, the site will display the price of your complete product for purchase.


Now anyone can design clothes and give them a personal touch and flair. These sites have become increasingly popular with teenagers and a younger demographic. There are much more clothing design websites today that you can take advantage of. A majority of these sites do not have a minimum order, and as such, you can design one item for purchase or thousands.

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